Innovations in Medicine

A Special 60-minute Public Television Program.

“Innovations in Medicine” is a 60-minute Special that will air on PBS stations. Currently the show is being broadcast on the PBS NETA satellite and airs in over 44 million households to over 105 million viewers (see national TRAC report).

As of the latest TRAC report the market penetration of this program is over 90% of the top 100 markets in the United States.

The following are excerpts for current programming of “Innovations in Medicine.”



Dr. Christina Do discusses the use of the Waterlase treatment in modern dentistry.



Dr. Bradford Frank discusses the latest innovations from his book “Alzheimer’s – New Prevention.”


Imaging for Dentistry

Christian Luzar, DDS explains the innovations in the last year in the area of laser dentistry.

Sacroiliac Pain

David Duffner, MD pioneer in orthopedic surgery reviews the latest medicine in treating lower back sacroiliac pain.

Corneal Inlay

Dr. John Hovanesian of Harvard Eye discusses the newest procedure for corneal inlays to dramatically improve.


An interesting discussion and tour of the Prolacta facilities in California. Prolacta is the largest provider of rich milk protein for premature babies in the United States.

Garlic & Heart Health

Dr. Mathew Bodoff discusses his latest white paper on the discovery of the use of garlic as a prevention for heart disease.


An amazing discovery out of Israel. A robotic device that allows patients with no movement in legs to put on this device.


Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. James Amsberry of San Diego Stem Cell discusses the newest treatments in stem cell of orthopedics.


Innovations in Medicine are proud to acknowledge the following physicians and healthcare professionals for their on-air interviews.

M. Snyder, MD
R. Rey, MD
J. Kopple, MD
B. Stone, MD
C. Do, DDS
J. Amsberry, MD
B. Nguyen, MD
M. Sheth, MD
L. Stabile, MD
R. Swerdloff, MD
K. Bickwell
D. Duffner, MD
F. Walther, MD
S. Teymoorian, MD
A. Hair, MD
J. Ducsay, RN
K. Patankar, MD
M. Buddoff, MD
A. Galion, MD

S. Gundry, MD
N. Ortiz, ND
S. Grewal, MD
M. Desai, MD
R. Chan, MD
D. Stevenson, MD
A. Lavaf, MD
B. Wehrli, DPM
N. Janjua, MD
C. Luzar, DDS
D. Morrow, MD
R. Batarse, MD
J. Hovanesian, MD
D. Kersten, MD
E. Camacho, MD
Pat Boone
E. Presser, MD
A. Gianoukakis, MD

P. Soni, MD
T. O’Donnell, PhD
A. Doriswamy, MD
W.Y. Chan, MD
M. Berk, MD
H. Zadeh, MD
L. Perry, DC
G. Mouw, MD
H. Bhakta, MD
A. Lai, MD
K. Maddahi, MD
P. Hanson , MD
B. Kim, MD
E. Kim, MD
M. Lander, MD
M. Gottlieb, MD
N. Craft, MD
J. Burks, MD