Living To Be 100




Is a 60-minute PBS documentary explaining why some of us live to be 100. Medical science gives us a myriad of reasons – some fact and some fiction.

The documentary explores all of the science, history, theory and the myths to find the facts.

What helps us live to the century mark?

  • Diet
  • Climate/Environment
  • Genetics
  • Blood Type
  • Lack of Stress
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • What we Drink
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Lifestyle

Some say that each generation lives longer because of the things we have added to our life like modern medicines, dietary supplements, good nutrition, lifestyle and exercise. This documentary explores all of these possibilities.

The Producers will also interview the experts and groups of centenarians to tell us how they believe they were able to live so long.

Interviews with practitioners of both western and eastern medicine that will share their ideas for a longer healthier life.

The aging process is full of challenges such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and orthopedic problems. The big plusses are living a long full life of experiences and learning while enjoying the family and seeing them grow up.

Interactive Viewer Test

Interactive information at the end of documentary where the viewers can go on-line to take a test to see how long they might live.

Documentary Distribution

1. PBS National Airing – Estimated airing and reruns – 85 telecasts. This documentary will be distributed to all pubic television stations in the United States. Historically, our last production in 2015 the American Health Journal reached over 97 million viewers and aired in 82% of the top 100 markets. 8 to 12 months duration.

2. Facebook – Documentary will have its own Facebook profile and will be fed each week for 52 weeks.

3. YouTube – Documentary will be put up on YouTube after 60 days of the first PBS airing and aired an additional 10 months.

4. Videum – Documentary will be placed on Videum 30 days after the first PBS airing for 1 year. Videum of Great Britain is an international healthcare website that translates and distributes healthcare video material to 180 countries worldwide. Videos are translated to the local language before distribution.

5. Healthfeed – Documentary will be distributed on Healthfeed Inc. for 1 year with heavy SEO and promotional distribution. Healthfeed distributes healthcare videos to medical and health related websites throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. Healthfeed Founder Mr. Paul Dinsmore is the former VP of Distribution for Sony Pictures.

6. PR – PR video campaign to standard entertainment channels and followed down to digital distribution. This campaign would include 3,000 copies to news media outlets.

7. Vinyl distribution – Documentary format to DVD for video catalogs and VOD sites.

8. Commercial distribution – commercial TV packaging for syndication.