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Dedicated to the Children, The Inheritors of the Future.

How and why has America become such an unhealthy nation, why is it we still continue to fall towards illness rather than wellness? The USA has invented some of the the greatest medical advances in the world and we are graced with some of the finest surgeons in the world, best diagnostics technologies and tools, and pharmaceutical medications for every possible disease known to mankind, yet we are now sicker than ever!

American’s have a turbulent struggle to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. At present, the United States is the most obese nation in the world, and leads all industrialized nations in prescription drug use, illegal drug use, soft drink consumption, hours watching television, divorce rate, one person households, teen pregnancies, STD infection rate, diagnosed mental disorders, plastic surgery procedures, largest percentage of women taking antidepressants, explosive rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, weight problems, depression, and numerous other degenerative health conditions.

Over the next 20 years, health care cost will be in the TRILLION to deal with chronic diseases…….possibly causing a economic crisis that could bankrupt healthcare systems and our country.

In this unflinching and unprecedented documentary “Inside Wellness” we will explore these questions and explain how the United States has fallen sick, and offer possible answers for viewers by investigating new idea’s about health from a truly Holistic Health perspective. Rather than focusing on illness or specific parts of the body, a Holistic Health approach considers how the whole person interacts with their environment. It emphasizes the connection of soul, mind, body and spirit and the goal is to achieve maximum well-being.  We will bring together and interview the people who are focused on reversing this downward spiral and who are operating at the forefront of this new healthcare revolution. From CEOs and senior executives, investors, new paradigm health professionals, thought leaders, innovators, healers, teachers, educators, researchers etc.  We’ll explore technologies and the new business models that will be needed to create sustainability and thrive in this age of rapid change.

The new paradigm that is emerging in current discoveries in science is both ancient and revolutionary in regards to health and wellness. We are at the level in our research and understanding that we not only have a responsibility to understand the importance of our personal commitment to our health and environment but have enormous power to change the course of our health care system. By choosing health and joining forces with illuminated contemporary individuals and organizations we are also endeavoring to join with those who are daring to make the “pursuit of wellness” the most natural, driving force on the planet….

The boundaries of “our universe” are not the boundaries of “the universe” – Ervin Laszlo

How will these new emerging idea’s, innovations, and approaches, change the landscape of Modern Medicine, and return us to a more natural way to finding good health? We are beginning to understand that personal commitment to health is needed in order to be healthy. Think of how far Modern Medicine could go if both doctors and patients worked together to restore good health, and Preventative Medicine is used as the first pillar of health care.
Is America ready for a new health care model, a new level of understanding that teaches us to embrace the “Healer Within”? This new paradigm in wellness produces new vitality and its views of health and disease give human beings significant enlightenment towards their own “pursuit of wellness.”

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.  – Aristotle

Windsor Broadcast Productions

Windsor Broadcast Productions is a long running healthcare television producer, with over 15 years of placing programming and content on PBS. Windsor currently has 28 shows running on the Public Television Satellite and is premiering a new show in October 2015 for PBS affiliates all over the US. Windsor has won more than 100 national and international awards for production excellence.

Roland Perez Executive Producer, President

Roland Perez
Executive Producer, President

Roland Perez is a Veteran television producer and director with over 600 television shows to his credit and is listed in “Pioneers in Television.” After graduating from Hollywood High School he attended USC Film School before going to work at NBC nework in Hollywood and Burbank. He also spend 10 years with the Los Angeles Times producing marketing presentations before becoming a broadcast producer. He’s proud to have received over 100 national and international awards for Broadcast Excellence. He currently serves as the Executive Producer for several television shows airing on PBS entitled the “American Health Journal”, “Innovations in Medicine”, “Discoveries in Alternative Medicine” & “Coping.” American Health Journal has reached over 97 million viewers on PBS.

Darla Boone - Associate Producter Alternative Medicine

Darla Boone
Senior Content Producer

Darla’s background makes her an excellent advocate for programming in the Alternative Health and Wellness movement. She is a pioneer in her own right and has been involved with natural healthcare for nearly for 40 years. Darla has had the honor of meeting some of the most brilliant researchers, innovators, and healers, in the natural health movement both nationally and internationally. Her love for a deeper understanding of the mysteries of health through natural solutions continues to be a life long interest of hers. She has been the force behind “Discoveries in Alternative Medicine” a part of the “American Health Journal” and is known as a forward thinker who is always seeking information on the cutting edge of innovative television. Darla’s content is focused on a growing public demand for intelligent, relevant, captivating and accessible healthcare media content.

The guess represented on this page are a few of the prominent and pioneering guess who will be appearing in the Inside Wellness documentary.

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