Distribution & Syndication

Media Distribution Facts and Overview to the Attached TRAC® Report

THE SHOW – Since 1988, Windsor Broadcast Productions has produced and syndicated over 700, 30-minute American Health Journal shows. That makes us the longest continuously- running, highest-rated, healthcare program on the air. Our PBS syndication allows us to reach well over 45 million American public television households.

Our acclaimed program, 30 minutes in length, features (6) 4-1/2 minute segments. Always a unique, diverse and interesting mix of specialists discussing a broad spectrum of medical and health-related topics. Professional, appealing and objective programming.

AWARDSThe American Health Journal has been honored to receive 106 national and international awards for content and production excellence. Sample videos and more detailed information can be easily located on our website: www.thedoctorshow.com.

DISTRIBUTION – We’re attaching the most recent and verified independent distribution report. The American Health Journal is continually monitored by the largest television reporting bureau for PBS stations, the National TRAC® report.

The attached TRAC® Report confirms:

  • The American Health Journal airs nationally in over 85% of the top 100 markets.
  • The Report lists over 3,900 airings from October 2015 to March 2017. Our show airs on PBS stations 7 days a week, 365 days a year in cities across America. Included are Los Angeles, New York (all 3 PBS Stations in Manhattan), San Francisco, New Orleans, Orlando, Detroit, Denver, Las Vegas, Reno, Portland, Seattle, Kansas City and Dallas and 400 other cities.
  • Our nationally syndicated show reaches 117,951,823 national viewers and 46,001,510 households.
  • The TRAC® Report also shows our programming is aired from morning, early fringe, Primetime to late fringe. This airing of separate day parts insures a complete and even rotation of the shows total audience. The show delivers an equal distribution in all age groups 18-34 and 35-49 with a larger up-tick in adults 50+.

What is Different About Syndicated Programming?


More than 90% of the shows airing on PBS are submitted by an approved production company. They are placed under strict PBS review and if criteria is met and highest standards are achieved, these programs are syndicated by PBS. You will find a listing and time slot in your local “TV Guide” if American Health Journal is syndicated in that city.


Similar to all independent PBS stations nationwide, the independent PBS Station in Kansas City determines the days and times they want to run The American Health Journal. They publish their schedule in their local TV Guide – The Kansas City Star.

The same thing happens in more than 400 cities across America. We are then, and only then, notified of the station, city, time and date after the TRAC® report is posted from the satellite and is sent to us. Syndicated shows run continuously at many different times during the day (4 times a day average). They constantly appear in more than 400 US cities. That is the power of the reach and frequency of public broadcasting!


A broadcast network show (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX) airs at a specific time every week, In a full season, it airs only 52 times a year (1/3 are reruns). That means your segment appears once or twice over the course of a year. In sharp contrast, a syndicated show like The American Health Journal will air an average of 3 times a day totaling over 1,095 airings.


Some syndicated shows that are exclusively on PBS include: This Old House, Nightly Business Report, Independent Lens, Tavis Smiley, The American Health Journal, Motor Week, Austin City Limits and Charlie Rose.