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How Digital Doc Works

Digital Doc logoThere are 6 simple steps to this Medical Minute 6 Month campaign. 

  1. Research your marketing area and select a target area around your practice within a 5-10-15 mile radius utilizing demographics age, gender and interest.
  1. Scripting (6) 60-second Medical Minutes, including 6 additional 30-second commercials for Twitter.
  1. Film all (12) Medical Minutes on-site or at our studio with a scripted teleprompter. Filming time approximately 2 hours.
  1. Then the Medical Minutes go into post production for professional voice over, intros, graphics, animation, action shots and music mix.
  1. Distribution and a placement guarantee of 75,000 impressions on all social media networks including, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We rotate each of the (6) videos over a (6) month period until the 75,000 impressions are satisfied.
  1. You will receive a monthly detailed written report of all of your videos click through and phone calls that were received from all of the Medical Minutes during the campaign.

* Your approval is need at the end of steps 1, 2 and 4.

Placement & Distribution

Target Practice logoThis integrated system of video production placement, distribution, campaign management and reporting are managed by “Target Practice” a division of Windsor Productions.


YouTube is the largest and most successful video platform in the world. All “Digital Doc” videos appear on YouTube by city or area. This campaign will deliver 33,000 impressions with over 28,000 views by city radius.

Google logo

Google manages and distributes the entire campaign of your video ads through a sophisticated series of algorithms. Your spot can be targeted to an audience of your choosing, which the criteria includes cities or DMA (Designated Marketing Area), age, gender & interest.

Twitter logo

Digital Doc through Twitter will deliver over 18,000 video impressions as part of the 6 month campaign.

Facebook logo

Your business Facebook will also be integrated into the system and we’ll introduce a new video each month. You chose the area, 5, 10 or 15 mile radius of your location with 41,000 impressions.

Instagram logo

Instagram is a video / photo based application service and is offered as part of the Facebook 41,000 impression base

Award Winning Production

All Medical Minutes are professionally scripted, filmed and edited by the same production on-site crew that has won over 100 National and International awards for the American Health Journal.

After selecting the topics for your series of 60-second Medical Minute spots, a script is carefully crafted to get the optimal amount of direct responses.

You are guaranteed high HD resolution images accompanied by broadcast quality animation, audio and custom music.

The post production department includes important action shots (B-roll) animation or graphics which are inserted in each Medical Minute to keep the audience attention and enhance the Doctor message.

The approved copy for each Medical Minute is transferred to an easy to read on-site field teleprompter so there is no long dialog or copy to memorize. All Medical Minutes are directed by an experienced director/producer.

All Medical Minute spots are approved before and after post production to insure the pre-approved script and graphics are correct.

Medical Minute Time Rundown

Digital Minute Rundown

6 Month Campaign

  • Research and creation of 60-second scripts and on-site teleprompter.
  • Full HD Production of (6) 60-second video spots entitled “Medical Minute.”
  • On-site filming at hospital site or practice location.
  • Development of a custom placement map around the target location in 5, 10 or 15 mile radius increments. This applies to Facebook only.
  • Targeted demographics such as age, gender or special interests.
  • A fresh 60-second spot is rotated each month during the 6 month campaign.
  • The Medical Minutes are placed on social networks such as Youtube and Facebook and other targeted networks including the AHJ / PBS Facebook.
  • The campaign guarantees over 75,000 impressions.
  • ROI results would be provided with each response including phone numbers, time and date. If requested we will provide your office with a recording of the original in-coming lead conversation.
  • All “Medical Minutes” are licensed at no charge for the use in all marketing efforts that includes Facebook, trade shows, sales presentations, email blasts and websites.

* Terms available

Reported Results Call Log

 Call Log Results Call Log Results