10 Books on Wellness You Must Read

A new public television documentary to appear on PBS stations across the United States announcing the made-for-television production of

“10 Books On Wellness You Must Read.”

Books are still on the list of the most important link to a good education and classic entertainment. The national public television documentary “10 Books On Wellness You Must Read” adds to that list with a eclectic group of 10 great books that can be missed. The 60-minute documentary is focused on the avid reader and that segment of viewers that have stop reading or have never really begun!

10 Books On Wellness You Must Read” will be a contemporary look at the books with newest ideas, enlightening stories and thought provoking topics.

Content Committee

The final selection of the 10 books on wellness to be featured will be left to a select group of writers, publishers, book sellers and representatives from the book buying public. This board will evaluate the submitted works and select the top 10 entries.

Why should you be part of this PBS Documentary?

Reach an engaged, diverse audience on PBS, America’s #1 most trusted network.

To associate your company with the quality of the PBS product and audience, and to allow your company to share in the success of public broadcasting in a national commercial-free environment where your message will be clearly seen and heard by a unique audience.

Each month nearly 360 PBS stations across the nation reach 99% of all television households, and each month, 110 million viewers watch PBS.


Historically, our last production in 2016 reported by the National TRAC Report stated that we reached 97 million viewers and aired in 84% of the top 100 markets in the United States. We currently have 39 shows on the NETA / PBS satellite.

Consider these statistics:

  • PBS airs in 99% of all American homes for free. Some 80 million people in almost 50 million households watch public television during an average week
  • PBS ratings outperform CNN, Lifetime, Discovery and A&E
  • Over two thirds (70%) of PBS viewers believe that companies that sponsor PBS have a commitment to quality and excellence
  • Two-thirds of PBS viewers would choose to purchase from a company that sponsors PBS, all other things being equal

10 Books You Must Read

Documentary Distribution

1. PBS National Airing – Estimated airing and reruns – 85 telecasts. This documentary will be distributed to all pubic television stations in the United States. Historically, our last production in 2015 the American Health Journal reached over 97 million viewers and aired in 82% of the top 100 markets. 8 to 12 months duration.

2. Facebook – Documentary will have its own Facebook profile and will be fed each week for 52 weeks.

3. YouTube – Documentary will be put up on YouTube after 60 days of the first PBS airing and aired an additional 10 months.

4. Videum – Documentary will be placed on Videum 30 days after the first PBS airing for 1 year. Videum of Great Britain is an international healthcare website that translates and distributes healthcare video material to 180 countries worldwide. Videos are translated to the local language before distribution.

5. Healthfeed – Documentary will be distributed on Healthfeed Inc. for 1 year with heavy SEO and promotional distribution. Healthfeed distributes healthcare videos to medical and health related websites throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. Healthfeed Founder Mr. Paul Dinsmore is the former VP of Distribution for Sony Pictures.

6. PR – PR video campaign to standard entertainment channels and followed down to digital distribution. This campaign would include 3,000 copies to news media outlets.

7. Vinyl distribution – Documentary format to DVD for video catalogs and VOD sites.

8. Commercial distribution – commercial TV packaging for syndication.